What are the Effects of Reading on Child Development?

Learning to read helps people not just to know how to read but also help their vocabulary. They will know how to choose words and also how to use the words in different contexts. There are a number of influences of different cognitive processes when it comes to reading. At the same time, reading impacts on kids as it opens the available sources of information and helps their development in writing. There are positive effects of reading when a child is developing. Some of the effects are as discussed below:

Vocabulary development and phonological skills

There is evidence to show that the reading development has particular effects on cognitive skills. In particular, the ability to read tends to help the vocabulary development. Additionally, it helps in the development of phonological skills of a child. This claim is supported by evidence from a group of people who were taught to read once they mature into adulthood.

Expands the understanding of the world

It is true that children have the ability to love the sound of language even before they know that there are printed words on paper. When one reads as the children mature, it stimulates the imagination of the kids as well as enabling them to understand how the world is. In this regard, they will be able to develop language, reading and listening skills as they mature. All this are meant to help them understand the written word with a lot of ease. They will first understand the language melody as it will become part of the child’s life. Finally, the art of learning to read will be much easier as it will come naturally just like learning to walk.

They become more attentive

Paying attention is a skill that has to be nature as a person grows right from childhood. When reading to children as they develop, it impacts on their ability to listen carefully. For instance, when narrating a story to a kid, he will find it fun. Even if the stories might be complex and hard to understand, they will try to follow keenly and get the point from the story. Also, they will be encouraged to as questions in case they did not understand. This is not different from reading to the child. They will pay attention to whatever is being read. It should be noted that when reading, one should avoid taking a lot of time to avoid making them lose concentration.


Reading on child development has different effects on the child. It all depends on the age of the child and how the child is able to comprehend whatever that is being read. The children will have the best way to interpret the things in the world before they start reading on their own. When reading or narrating good stories to children, it will help them love how to read on their own. The reason behind this behavior is that they also want to understand the stories on their own. Vocabulary development and usage is also an effect here. Read our next topic on herbal medicine for acidic stomach